Brownhill Guest Villa

Brownhill Guest Villa

Brownhill Ultra- Modern Guest Villa offers luxury accommodation and a serene retreat from the regular hustle and bustle. Located within a five minutes walking distance of the Event Centre and easily accessible to and from town, this home away from home, tastefully furnished and beautifully designed Guest Villa has all you need to make your stay very comfortable and pleasurable.

Brownhill Guest Villa offers all the amenities and facilities of a home. Whether you break away for a holiday, business or an overnight retreat, this boutique Villa will ensure a friendly homely atmosphere in immaculate surroundings.


Our Guest Villa incliude five start rating rooms, with moderm technology that will make you feel comfortable


Our kitchen room used for cooking and food preparation is fully equipped with all the standard cooking appliances and also with moderm air conditions

Ruby Lounge

Main Lounge fitted with Dstv Explora, Stereo System, 40Inch Television and Chandelier